About Us

Pathfinder Outdoors was founded in 2008 with the collaboration of off road enthusiasts from several off road clubs and associations.  As a collective we set out to find a resource on quality recovery gear that could be sold to the general public without the HUGE retail markup.  It took some time to get around the red tape and we began to learn why it was that even as off-roading got more popular, the cost of recovery never came down.

In late Sep 2008 after many dead end roads and several offers from very questionable “winch companies", we hit pay-dirt. T-Max a rather well known winch company both in the US and AU came to our rescue.  With the help of their supportive sales team, we were able to have our own branded T-Max winches made to their high standard.  Thus Pathfinder Recovery Gear was launched.

Things however change as things will and T-Max USA was snagged up by another well know US company and the winch market became increasingly more overwhelmed with “new” brands.  In the fall of 2011 we moved our focus from recovery gear to simply “outdoor gear” still with an emphasis on vehicles.  We would spend the next 18 month building partnerships with companies such as ToyTec Lifts, Rotopax, StreamLight, Goal Zero, Mombasa, KTT, Rocktek, Factor 55 and a host of other well-known names in the industry. 

Today we are still a face to face micro company that believes in doing things the right way above doing things the most profitable way.  Off-road and Outdoors is a hobby and passion for us, so it should come as no surprise that we use what we sell.